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VELUX has been providing the best quality products for over 75 years. It is the world leader in roof window production and accessories especially adapted to them. The company was founded in 1942. Its founder Villum Kann Rasmussen revolutionised the way of construction and lifestyle of the future generations by constructing the world’s first attic window. From that moment on, previously unused space began to be adapted and inhabited. Dark and gloomy attics were filled with daylight. So the main product of VELUX company is the attic window with characteristic handle that is installed in the upper part of the window. The company sets the directions of the roof windows development and introduces many developments for which it has been awarded multiple times. On the UK market VELUX is the most popular choice. Today, the word Velux became a synonym for a roof window.

FAKRO company is a global supplier of roof windows. Every 6th window in the world is supplied by them. FAKRO is a developing company which also delivers many innovations to the market. Preselect Window, that fulfils a functions of both Center Pivot and Top Tung windows, is a result of work of polish design engineers. Thanks to innovative collars and dedicated constructions – upstand- Pitched roof windows can be installed on low-slope roofs and flat roofs. FAKRO roof windows are delivered in many finishing options – pine, polyurethane paint, acrylic paint and PVC constructions. Roof windows are delivered in a wide range of collars that can have many different colours. In FAKRO roof windows you can find many innovative solutions that allowed to achieve thermal insulation. The structure of FAKRO roof windows provides very good anti-burglary protection, which stands out from the solutions of competing brands.

Optilight is a brand that gained great recognition on both European and UK market. High production standards, appropriate materials and quality control allow to offer durable and affordable products. Optilight roof windows have also gained great recognition among installers who value reliability and the simplicity of installation. The brand also offers double-glazed and triple-glazed windows which allow to minimise the heat transfer coefficient to 1.1 and meet the highest requirements in this field. In our store you will also find roof window accessories, collars for various surfaces and a wide range of window junctions. Moreover in the offer, you can find an electric window opening controlled by a mobile phone or voice commands. The manufacturer’s assortment in our store allows arranging window space without the need of straying your budget.