A Guide to Roof Window Security

Improving the security of your roof windows will  help you lower the threat of potential break-ins. Burglars tend to look for the easiest access point to avoid making noise and drawing attention. This is why you need to do everything possible to reduce the number of options they have by taking care of the security associated with your roof windows.

The security risk of a roof window depends on many factors, including the location of the window and how accessible it is, the type of window and the glazing used. Read through our guide to roof window security and find out what are the best methods to use as well as the main risks to look out.

What are the Main Security Risks Associated with Roof Windows?

Most typically security risks are created by homeowners themselves who simply forget to lock or close their roof windows. The reason behind it is that you might not have a regular routine when it comes to opening and closing these windows, unless you are using the room on the daily basis.

Another risk associated with roof windows is connected to summer when roof windows are left open during the day and sometimes night to help lower the temperature inside the house. Even though risk is greater here if you have a  flat roof compared to pitched roofing, any window that has been left open presents a security risk.

What Security Methods are Available for Roof Windows?

Now that you are familiar with all the risks involved, it is time to take a closer look at the security options available for your roof windows to become burglarproof and safe at all times. Burglars look for vulnerabilities wherever they can find them, so here are the features of your roof windows that you need to have to keep them at bay.

  • Glazing – Strengthening the glazing will create another layer of protection to stop potential burglars from forcing an entry to your home through roof windows. Extra glazing ensures also that there is less chance of any sharp glass shards falling into space below, increasing roof windows safety.
  • Security locks – Making sure that your roof window is installed with security locks will act as a deterrent to any criminals looking for an easy way inside your property. The locks themselves should feature internal keys to lock the window from the inside to further improve security.

Try to look for those features when shopping for new windows. There are a number of secure roof windows available on the market, which are safer than traditional windows and less susceptible to break-in attempts, like Optilight roof windows for example.

Securing a Flat Roof Window vs. a Pitched Roof Window

Generally speaking, pitched roof window security is higher, as not many burglars will look for a point of vulnerability on this type of roof because of how dangerous it will is to access a top hung roof windows. However, an open window might be a tempting option for any potential thief, so keeping it closed and locked if possible when out of the house or late at night should not be forgotten.

Flat roof windows, on the other hand, offer an easier entry point inside your home, as they are accessible by climbing up drainpipes or even using nearby properties. This is exactly why it worth it to be equipped with standard security measures in order to prevent any burglar from trying to force an entry.

No matter the type of roof, there is always room for added roof window safety, as there is no such thing as too much security. Try to minimize the possibility of a potential break-in whenever you have the chance.

Final Words

Roof window security is an important aspect of house safety that you should take a closer look at. Making sure that your personal space is safe should be a top priority. Security measures for roof windows are relatively inexpensive, so when buying new windows, look for windows that are equipped with them all. This small investment into your roof windows could potentially prevent a security breach at your house and help you sleep at nights without worrying about your and your family’s safety.