Fakro Innovations – App

Fakro Innovations is an application that is designed to display the innovative functions of modern, high-quality Fakro roof windows, that have been designed to improve the functionality and comfort of your dream home. It is a modern tool that support roof window presentation, especially useful when you value your time and don’t want to drive to a location just to see exactly what’s on offer from the world-renowned roof window manufacturer. The app distinguishes Fakro from its competitors, as it shows the commitment of the company to innovation and constant product enhancement and upgrades.

The app uses Augmented Reality technology to shoe in detail different models of Fakro windows, especially the FPP-V preSelect MAX, that can be opened even up to 45 degrees, which is approximately 30% more than its predecessors. The firm redefined roof windows as it introduced the V40P automatic vent, the safety and anti-theft system Top Safe, and the thermoPro technology.

Fakro is proud to be one of the most innovative Polish companies. Its aim is to provide the highest quality roof windows, meeting customers’ expectations all around the world. Innovation is the Fakro’s DNA and is the main driver of the company’s development.

Discover the Innovative Solutions Used in FAKRO Roof Windows

Each of Fakro’s groundbreaking technologies are available to see via an interactive animation. 3D imagery is also available, enabling you to zoom in or out on the roof windows and freely rotate them as you please. You can change the colour and material of the frames to see whether a certain style matches both the interior and exterior of your house.

The Fakro Innovation App makes it also a lot easier to find a Fakro distributor, as it displays the nearest provider, using the location technology of your phone, on the home screen of the application.

You can download the application on Apple App Store and Google Play. Its navigation is fairly easy, so you shouldn’t have any problems using it.