How to Brighten Your Extension with a Roof Lantern?

Natural light is one of the important factors when it comes to boosting modern architecture. A space with plenty of light certainly brightens everyone’s mood. While placing a bifold door is an ideal way to create a lighter living space, you can enjoy additional light with beautiful skylight windows.

Roof lanterns on roof windows can take the interior of your home to the next level. Extensions can light up dark spaces. The well-illuminated extensions can completely enhance your living spaces. That’s why many interior designers prefer architecture that brings maximum light to the house.

They cut out barriers between homes indoors and outdoors while ensuring homeowners can stay warm during winter. That is to say; if you have a conservatory or extension, a roof lantern can completely transform the roof window.

Still unsure how can you brighten your extensions with a roof lantern? Keep on reading to find out the reasons. Let’s start by understanding what roof lanterns are.

Roof Lanterns- What are They?

A roof lantern is typically a skylight that introduces ample natural light into an extension via the roof. You might find this concept old or traditional, but it has revived over the years. In fact, lanterns on your roof access windows have become a raging architectural feature in both traditional and modern homes.

You may find plenty of interesting and unique designs of roof light, although it is just a structure that protrudes from the extension’s flat roof. Some of the popular designs of roof lanterns include pyramids, rectangular, square, and octagonal.

The emphasis of most designs is on reducing the frame and maximizing the glass. The aim is to improve the brightness. Interestingly, roof lanterns are available in small, medium, and large sizes. That makes them perfect for a variety of extensions.

Allowing light to inundate extension is not the only thing lanterns can do. Some designs are vented. They allow a good amount of fresh air to enter the room. You can operate vents with electricity or manually.

It doesn’t end here! You can even select designs that come with sensors to detect the rain. They automatically close vents when it begins to pour. You can buy roof lanterns in different materials for your roof windows UK including timber, aluminum, and PVC.

PVC Roof Lanterns

PVC roof lanterns are the most popular structural material as it needs little maintenance. Plus, it is light in weight and strong in performance. This density and strength mean that the lanterns’ frame is relatively smaller. Despite its small size, it supports large glass areas.

Keep in mind that a small frame with a bigger glass area allows more light to enter the extension.

Add Touch of Classiness with Timber Roof Lanterns

Timber roof lanterns, without a doubt, are a great addition in the right situation. If you’re looking to add an instant touch of sophistication and classiness to your roof windows or extensions, Timber roof lanterns are an ideal choice.

Available in softwood and hardwood, you can opt for plenty of designs. These roof lanterns are thermally efficient and help you maintain the temperature of the house. However, the only downside they have is that you can’t use much glass with them. Also, the lanterns need ongoing maintenance.

Why Glazing is Important with Roof Lanterns

As energy prices soar, it is essential to make sure that you have properly insulated extensions. This makes it important to choose the right glazing for roof lanterns.

Though many homeowners prefer buying high-efficient double glazing, it is better to invest in argon-filled triple glazing to make the most of the latest technologies. While the glazing is more expensive, it reduces your energy bills significantly.

Also, consider the weather’s effects on extensions. It is because intense sunlight during the summer can damage extensions. Sure, you don’t want your extensions to absorb heat and interfere with your comfortable living. You may opt for blue-tinted glazing and bronze-tinted glazing to improve solar control.

Summing Up

All in all, roof lanterns are ideal if you want to illuminate the rooms without increasing energy costs. They are efficient and require little maintenance. Modern lanterns brighten your home with natural skylight.