Discover the benefits of VELUX GLU 0051


Discover the benefits of VELUX GLU 0051


The VELUX GLU 0051 Standard Plus timber/polyurethane window is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and anywhere high moisture resistance is needed. It is a window with an innovative ThermoTechnologyTM construction with an additional gasket with excellent insulation properties. Constructed with a thermally modified wood core, coated with a waterproof white painted polyurethane coating, it provides excellent insulation and durability. A convenient opening handle at the top makes it easy to open a window over a bathtub or sink.

Fresh air thanks to the ventilation system get rid of moisture, steam and cooking smells.Let in fresh air while cooking or bathing. Opening the ventilation flap allows fresh, filtered air to enter the room. The window stays closed, and the built-in air filter, which can be easily cleaned, traps dust and insects.

Why is the top handle such a great solution?

The sleek top handle has been redesigned to make it easier to close apen the window with one hand. Only VELUX roof windows come with a top handle. This has two important advantages: easy opening and closing of the window, even if there is furniture directly below it; the window is mounted lower, so you can look out of it when standing or sitting. This installation height also provides convenient access to roller blinds and ventilation.

Use less energy!

ThermoTechnologyTM is a new thermal insulation solution in the construction of the roof window. Deeper assembly and less heat loss.ThermoTechnologyTM solutions with the high-temnd operature treatment of wood used for the core make the window more durable and stable and has even better insulation parameters.

Elegant look

More modern and rounded shapes. Changes have also been made to the external appearance of the window. In addition to the possibility of a deeper installation, the exterior flashing has a flatter shape and rounded edges, which emphasise the harmonious connection of the window with the roof. The upper flashing is noticeably narrower. The new snap-in and overlapping side flashings make the few screws that are present almost invisible.

Energy-saving glazing package

The windows are fitted with a toughened energy-saving glazing package as standard. A single-chamber package with energy-saving toughened glass, filled with argon, with a low-emission coating, Ug=1.0 W/m2K, Uw=1.3 W/m2K, acoustic insulation of the window of 29 dB and a very good light transmission coefficient of 69% and total energy permeability g (solar energy gain) of 0.46.



Suitable for all loft spaces where customers wish to have high quality pivot windows that are easy to clean and resistant to moisture.

Approved roof pitch: 15-90 deg.

Guarantee: 10-year guarantee

Supplementary products available on our website.

Flashings (EDW, EDS, EDB, etc.), which must be purchased separately, are essential for the installation of every window in the loft space. They ensure a tight and simple installation of the window in the roof slope. The flashing design ensures safe drainage of rainwater and snow outside the window.

Window frame flashing (ZWC), necessary when installing the window without the flashing, insulation products (damp-proof and thermal insulation for windows), sun screening and decorative accessories.

Manual operation (rods), electrical control (motors, wall-mounted keypads).