Triple glazed roof windows from Optilight

Energy-saving is not a fad but a real need for investors who want to build a warm and health-friendly home. Optilight triple glazed roof windows are the ideal solution for those seeking comfort for years to come.

Previously only a few investors could afford to buy energy-efficient windows. Thanks to Kronmat’s offer, energy-efficient triple-pane roof windows with excellent parameters and exceptional operation comfort are available to a wide audience. By choosing new windows, customers gain more light and comfortable operation and, above all, protection against heat escape from the house and lower energy bills.

These windows come in two types of finish. The OptiLight D Pro roof window is natural pine, which adds cosiness to the interior. The TLP U4  window is made of plastic and white, so it fits in with modern styling. It is also water-resistant, making it ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens.


The excellent thermal insulation properties of the new windows have been achieved through the use of double-chamber glazing.

In the D-Pro model, the roof window is made of pine glued in layers, impregnated and painted with ecological acrylic lacquer. The wooden structure is externally protected by aluminium profiles resistant to external factors.

The TLP U4 PVC roof window is manufactured based on an ecological calcium-zinc stabilizer in white (RAL 9010). PVC profiles are class A – the highest class, made according to European standard EN 12608. This material does not absorb moisture, the window is durable, resistant to corrosion and changeable weather conditions, and maintenance is limited to the necessary minimum.

The windows are equipped with an energy-saving double-chamber glazing package (consisting of three panes). The space between the panes is filled with a noble gas. A toughened outer pane and two low-emission coatings on the outer and inner pane have been applied to the package.
Such a construction of the package allows effective reduction of heat loss in winter and limits the room’s heating in summer.

In both models, OPtilight D-Pro and TLP U4  , we obtain a window with thermal transmittance Uw = 1,1 W/m2K, which will soon become a standard.

Both solutions can be complemented with dedicated insulation products offered by Kronmat.

  • MXT vapour permeable collar. Wool provides a permanent connection with the roof slope and ensures full protection for the installed window with insulation and insulation. It also reduces thermal bridges by insulating the roof window from the outside and drains moisture from the area around the roof window.
  • XT Band. The purpose of the XT insulation band is to insulate the OptiLight roof window. The shape and material of the bar allow it to be adapted to the size of a specific window. It is installed on the inside of the window frame, and its design allows for quick and easy installation.

The windows are also available in V version equipped with an efficient ventilation system. This is a very convenient solution, which provides fresh air to the interior, even when the windows are closed.