How to Choose the Right Loft Ladder

If you want to use your loft or attic then you obviously need to have a way to get up there. If you’re using the loft as a bedroom or for any other purpose that means it needs regular access, then you have to have a fixed staircase. If you use your loft for storage or as a hobby space than a loft ladder would be a good choice. There are a lot of choices though, so how do you choose the right one?

Types of Loft Ladder

  • The simplest form of loft ladder is the sliding ladder. This ladder slides together in a few sections and can be mounted to the loft hatch or kept separate. More advanced sliding ladders have built-in handrails as well.
  • If there isn’t much space in your loft for storing ladders, then a good folding ladder can be tucked away to save space.
  • Concertina ladders take up even less space in your loft and are adjustable for those tight landing spaces
  • A telescopic ladder is similar to a concertina ladder but is even easier to put together and operate

Loft ladders are typically made from wood or aluminium, but you can find them made from steel. Aluminium is a tough and light material, but it can bend if you put a little too much weight on it. It’s not dangerous, but if it bothers you then you may wish to purchase a stylish and tough wooden ladder.

What to Consider

The first thing to consider is what you need the ladder for. If you want to use it occasionally, such as to carry light loads into and out of the loft, then you should be good with a simple folding ladder. If you want to use it more often than you may want an easier to use a ladder like a telescopic or concertina ladder.

You need to choose a ladder that is able to take the weight you’ll be putting on it. Think about the heaviest item you’ll be transporting and add your own weight to it. Make sure you buy a ladder that can support this weight, like an OptiStep wooden loft ladder.

You should also take some careful measurements, both for the clearance above and below the hatch and for the vertical distance between the hatch and the floor. Different ladder types are suitable for different spaces, so keep in mind that your choice of the ladder may be limited by the amount of room you have for the ladder.

Of course, the cost is an important factor when it comes to choosing a good loft ladder. If you’re stuck on a tight budget then you may want to choose a folding ladder. Keep in mind that cheap and value for money aren’t the same thing. It’s not worth saving money if the ladder doesn’t do what you need it to do. If the ladder breaks on you and you have to buy a better OptiStep wooden loft ladder, then you’ve lost out. So choose one that offers good value for money and serves your needs.