How to Clean Your Roof Windows

If you are looking for a way to freshen up your home, then a roof window is the way to go. They are able to provide a new sense of space and openness to any room, but one thing that will do is collect residue and dust. Being able to care for your roof window is important to make sure that you are getting the best daylight experience and helps to ensure that you are getting the best view.

It is important that you clean your roof windows often which not only helps to keep an unobstructed, clear view, but it helps to preserve the windows which makes them last longer. In order to get the best results possible, just follow this guide to cleaning your roof windows.

Cleaning the Frame

Based on the model of the rooftop window you have, the window frame could be white PVC, pine or white painted finish. Each finish is able to be cleaned in a similar manner. Just take a dry cloth and then wipe down the edges of the window frame in order to remove the dust. The best type of towel will be a microfiber towel which helps to keep the dust particles stuck to the fibers of the cloth. If you end up with smudges on the frame that is unable to be taken off using a dry cloth, then follow behind with a damp cloth. If this does not work, then use a bit of multipurpose cleaner to remove the smudge. If you happen to have a center-pivot roof window, then just rotate the window and repeat the process on the other side.

Cleaning the Inner Panel

You will need to start by cleaning the inside of the glass. You can do this by using a clean, lint-free, soft chamois leather or you can use a nonabrasive sponge, cloth, or a non-metal, clean window squeegee. Water on its own should be just enough to clean the glass, but if you are looking for a big shine, then take a bit of non-abrasive glass cleaner on your window and then immediately remove it using the squeegee or cloth. Soft water is always the best when it comes to cleaning the window panes as it can provide your window with a streak-free clean, but if you happen to live in an area that has hard water, then just add a tiny amount of detergent will be enough to soften the water and leave your window spotless.

You will want to make sure that you have wiped off all of the excess water once you have cleaned the window in order to keep it from spotting. If you happen to be using a squeegee, then be sure that you do not touch any of the metal cleaning equipment to the glass and do not allow any type of abrasive materials to be drug across the glass. You should avoid any type of contact with knives, metal scrapers, or blades that can scratch and then cause permanent damage to the glass of your skylight window.

In order to get the best results, you should follow these tips:

  1. Do not use any cleaning item that has abrasive particles.
  2. Do not clean the roof windows during the hottest parts of the day.
  3. Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean the panels.
  4. If there are multiple skylights, start at the highest and end at the lowest.
  5. Avoid any contact with the panel from abrasive or sharp objects which include jewelry.
  6. Avoid making contact with the silicone on the pane.
  7. If you are doing work around the rooftop window, then protect it using a clean plastic sheet to prevent stains or splashes from abrasive or aggressive products.
  8. Do not try to clean the dirt off of the panel without applying water as it may cause scratches on the surface.

Cleaning the Outer Pane

The best part about the Optilight roof window is that the window panels are very easy to clean on both sides. Instead of having to use a ladder to climb on your roof to clean the window or having to hire a professional, you can access both sides of the window from the safety of your home.
In order to clean the outer panel, you are just going to rotate the sash and you want to make sure that it is secured into position by taking the barrel bolt and putting it into the bottom of the side frame. This allows you to have both hands free while cleaning. Then just follow the processes from above. The outer pane of your window will have a lot more dirt than the inside of the window. Be sure to use a wet cloth to wipe off the top layer of filth and then use a clean, wet cloth to clean off the glass cleaner.

Cleaning the Flashing

Flashing is the layer that makes your window and roof material fit together. The rain will often keep most of the grime and dirt off of the window. However, based on where you are living, then debris and leaves can collect around the windows. These should be removed at least once a year from around the windows and skylights to allow the rainwater to freely flow off of the roof. You can just take a small hand broom and then sweep away excess dirt and leaves.

Removing Ice and Snow

If you happen to be living in an area that is cold and has snow, then you know it will collect on your windows. You can remove this using a snow brush that you have for your car windows. If you have tough ice chunks, then you can use the ice scraper in order to break up the ice and allow the melting water to drain off of the window and onto the roof.

Eliminating Condensation

If you have flat roof windows or roof windows in general, then you know about condensation. This is very noticeable because moist, warm air will rise to the ceiling. This is true especially for rooms that have a lot of humidity and it can cause condensation to form on the inner pane of the window. The main issue is not the window. It is excess moisture inside of the room. Condensation can be minimized by airing the room out frequently.

Cleaning the Hinges

You will need to be careful when you clean the hinges of your rooftop window. The hinges can collect dirt and grime, or they can rust, especially if you live close to the ocean. It is best that you grease the hinges, but only on the metal parts at least once a year after the first couple of years.