Velux Roof Windows

Velux is one of the leading window manufacturers in the world: their windows are known for their stylish finish, their practical designs, and their durability. Their windows are found on all continents in every corner of the world. And here at Ak Roof Windows, we’ve recognized and tested the quality of Velux roof windows, and we’ve made sure to stock up and list some of the best on our website down below. Check out our selection, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Velux Roof Windows Cost?

Velux roof windows are known for their excellent quality, but this doesn’t mean they cost a fortune. On the contrary, they’re some of the most affordable roof windows out there. You make sure to list all the prices of the products we offer, so take a look and decide for yourself.

Can I Fit a Velux Window Myself?

Velux windows are thankfully easy to mount and install. If you're only going to replace an existing window, you only need to mount them from the inside. There's no need to get on the roof or go outside even. This ease of installation is one of the main reasons Velux windows are popular.

Sadly, however, if you're retrofitting your home with an entirely new window, the task is far more complex, and you might not be able to do it yourself. Doing changes to the roof can be complicated, and you shouldn't be afraid of hiring construction workers to help you get the work done.

Do Velux Roof Windows Add Value to Your Home?

You can definitely be sure that adding Velux roof windows will add great value to your home. It not only makes the interior of your home look better with improved natural lighting and ventilation, but it will also increase the curb appeal of your home. You can expect the house’s value to increase by half to almost twice the cost of the windows, so you might end up making money off of your purchase.

Do You Offer Velux Roof Windows With a Top Handle?

Even though windows with the Top Handle are less common, in our offer, you can find a wide range of Velux windows that open on the top. We will help you find a model that will suit the needs of your home perfectly.

Is the Velux GZL a Popular Window Option in the UK?

GZL windows offered on our website are produced specifically for the European market and meet the highest requirements. Those particular windows are installed both on the north and south of the old continent, where they have to measure up to extreme weather conditions of temperature and humidity. We recommend the Velux GZL windows to clients that prefer the Top Handle, which is unfortunately not an option when it comes to Optilight windows. This type of opening is also offered by Fakro windows, available on our website.