Optilight Center Pivot

Optilight centre-pivot roof windows take the traditional centre-pivot roof window formula and greatly improve on it. It is a proven brand on the roof window market. Manufactured by Kronmat, these windows provide an excellent balance between design, robustness, and durability. They are both high-quality and affordable. 

Wooden elements of the Optilight windows are made from quality pinewood which is coated with an ecological acrylic finish. The wood is protected on the outer surface with aluminium profiles which provide weather and UV protection. These roof windows are also equipped with a micro-opening, allowing you to control the amount of fresh air entering your room. The VB version of Optilight centre-pivot roof window has an extra feature, a vent hole that you can crank open when needed. Optilight centre-pivot windows provide excellent versatility and control over airflow and natural lighting, which makes them so popular among our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Open an Optilight Center-Pivot Roof Window?

The Optilight centre-pivot roof window opens the same way most centre-pivot windows open. You merely need to push the handle into the open position and push the window outwards. The windowpane will pivot from the middle and easily open and let fresh air in. The fact that it pivots from the middle is, as you might’ve guessed, what gives it its name.

What are the Advantages of Optilight Center-Pivot Roof Windows?

The cost of blinds varies a lot depending on the design, quality, size, and the store you buy them from. They can go for anything from 20 pounds to more than 200 pounds.

Here at Ak Roof Windows, however, we realize how important is the price point for potential customers, which is why we’ve made sure the prices of our blinds are really affordable while not compromising on quality.

Can You Install Blinds by Yourself? How Long Does It Take to Install the Blinds?

There are many advantages to Optilight centre-pivot roof windows, they are:

  • Excellent air ventilation: the window opening up from the middle means that it creates a natural air circulation inside the room. Optilight windows have micro-openings, which means that they can handle a micro-tilt. This is excellent to keep rooms properly ventilated.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance: The Optilight centre-pivot roof windowsare low-maintenance, as they enable you to easily reach the other side of the window and clean it up and maintain it.
  • Optilight roof windows offered on our website are manufactured in Poland, which is home to some of the best window manufacturing companies in the entire world. Their quality is guaranteed.