PVC Top Hung Roof Windows

A PVC top hung window is an excellent choice if you want to have a reliable, solid, and modern-looking window installed in your home. It is one of the most popular types of windows in the UK, and it is for good reason: the window type is extremely durable and versatile. You can’t go wrong with it.

Here at AK Roof Windows, we offer an excellent selection of PVC top hung windows made with the highest quality materials using the latest manufacturing techniques. Check them out below, you’ll absolutely love it.

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Fakro Roof Windows

Fakro PreSelect PVC 94×118

£619.00 (incl vat)

Frequently Asked Questions
What’s a PVC Window Frame?

Polyvinyl chloride (or more colloquially known as vinyl/PVC) is one of the most commonly manufactured types of plastic in the world. It is known for its robust, durable structure and flexibility. It is used in everything from window frames to pipes and cables.

What are the Main Advantages of PVC Top Hung Roof Windows?

PVC is one of the most common materials that window frames are made out of, and it is only natural for clients to wonder what makes PVC so popular. This is because PVC windows offer a wide range of excellent advantages that are highly desirable:

  • The durability of PVC windows is one of the best on the market. You won't need to worry about repairs and constant maintenance cost. This is not the case for other types of windows -- for example, timber windows need to be repainted once every few years.
  • PVC top-hung roof windows are easy to clean and keep in top shape. Other types of windows cause all types of inconveniences during the cleaning process.
  • You have a lot of options with PVC top-hung roof windows. For example, the Fakro pre-select window is one of the most innovative PVC top-hung windows out there. It offers some of the latest features which include two separate sash opening methods, an excellent tilting function, and more.