Skylight Roof Windows

If you are in need of a relatively quick and cheap way to lighten your rooms, the skylight category offers you window products that will allow you to achieve this type of beautiful finish. In this section, we have gathered products like Optilook and Velta, which are dedicated for non-occupied rooms that aren’t heated, like attics, garages, utility rooms, etc. Optilook products are offered both as single-glazed and double-glazed. Skylights can also function as roof hatches. Both Velta and Optilook are provided with an integrated flashing, which should ease the installation process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Optilight or Velta Be Installed in Occupied Rooms?

The thermal parameters of products in the Skylight section do not fulfil the requirements for the roof windows allowed in occupied rooms, which is why they should not be installed in such rooms.

Will I Be Able to Install Skylights By Myself?

The installation process of skylights is not considered a difficult one. All DIY enthusiasts should be up to task. We encourage you to carefully read the installation instruction, which explains step-by-step how to properly install our windows. To complete the installation, basic construction skill will be required. Before you start working on the installation, prepare the necessary equipment. In the technical section, you will find a video tutorial, which will help you understand fully the installation process.