The new GZL roof window from VELUX

The latest GZL joins the New Generation window range and is ideal for customers who want high quality at a reasonable price. It is manufactured with attention to detail from laminated timber and features energy-efficient toughened glass and a low emission coating. In the new VELUX roof windows, due to the narrowing of the window profiles and a modified handle design, the glass area has increased by up to 10%, which makes these windows modern and elegant. The new GZL rooflights let in more sunlight, which not only illuminates but also warms the room.

VELUX New Generation roof windows have a favourable energy balance by combining good insulation properties with the increased benefits of passive solar energy. It is also important to note that better lighting in a building improves well-being and health for those who live and work there. This can be particularly appreciated in winter when the days are very short. VELUX illustrated the energy balance issue in a short animation on the occasion of a new product presentation.

The new VELUX GZL centre-pivot roof window is available in two opening versions: a handle at the top of the sash or a handle at the bottom (type B), which means that it can be used in almost all loft structures with a pitched roof and in every room. A top opening is recommended when the bottom edge of the skylight is at the height of about 90-130 cm from the floor, while the bottom space will be more convenient when the window is installed higher. Watch this animation if you are unsure which way of opening a roof window is best for your house.

Proper ventilation is equally essential for the room’s climate. The New Generation GZL skylights have a new ergonomic opening handle integrated with the ventilation flap at the top of the sash and a modern two-stage ventilator located at the top of the sash in windows that open with the handle at the bottom. This allows you to control the amount of incoming air and ventilate even when it is raining and the window is closed. Thanks to a built-in replaceable filter, unwanted insects and dust do not get into the house.

A novelty in the case of the GZL skylight type is the possibility of subsequent installation of an electric control system with a touch control panel, including window programming. This solution significantly improves the comfort of use, especially with high windows having a light function. The VELUX electric control also includes a rain sensor, which means the window will automatically close after the first drops fall.

As before, it is possible to install, e.g. blinds or roller blinds on the new GZL windows by yourself in just a few minutes.