Optilight Roof Windows Accesories

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Different Types of Roof Window Accessories?

There are three main types of window accessories on the market:

  • Internal accessories: as the name suggests, these are accessories used on the internal part of the window.
  • External accessories: these are accessories that are used on the external part, mostly related to improved insulation and protection. 
  • Manual accessories: these are all the different miscellaneous accessories that don’t fit the first two definitions. 

Can Fakro Accessories Be Used with Optilight Roof Windows? 

Fakro accessories, both internal and external, can all be used with Optilight windows. However, if you have the option to combine roof windows with accessories from the same brand, we recommend you try it, as pairing Optilight roof window with Optilight accessories is a guarantee of the highest level of window security.