Discover the benefits of VELUX GLU 0051

  Discover the benefits of VELUX GLU 0051   The VELUX GLU 0051 Standard Plus timber/polyurethane window is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and anywhere high moisture resistance is needed. It is a window with an innovative ThermoTechnologyTM construction with an additional gasket with excellent insulation properties. Constructed with a thermally modified wood core, coated […]

How to Brighten Your Extension with a Roof Lantern?

Natural light is one of the important factors when it comes to boosting modern architecture. A space with plenty of light certainly brightens everyone’s mood. While placing a bifold door is an ideal way to create a lighter living space, you can enjoy additional light with beautiful skylight windows. Roof lanterns on roof windows can […]

Ways to Reduce Rain Noise on Roof Windows

Rain sound on pitched roof windows is not comforting for many people. It can disrupt your family’s sleeping patterns. Heavy rain hitting your roof window can cause quite a racket that makes it difficult to sleep. Fortunately, whether you have center-pivot roof windows or standard roof windows, you can muffle the sound of rain hitting […]

The Best Time For Replacing Roof Windows

Roof windows, as many other products, have an “expiration date”. Specialists suggest that they should be replaced when they are damaged and around every decade, as the window technology is progressing and the windows you have become obsolete. You might believe that there is no such thing as a convenient time to replace your old, […]