Optilight Roof Windows

Get excellent windows manufactured with the highest standards of quality in mind with our Optilight roof windows. Our selection is an excellent mix of quality, price, size, and design. Check them out and decide for yourself — the checkout and customization options are easy to use, so you’ll be able to customize your window and order without any problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Optilight Roof Windows Cost?

Optilight roof windows, like all other types of windows, have costs that vary greatly depending on the aesthetics, size, and quality of the window. You can look at our selection and see the wide range of price points we offer Optilight roof windows at. Although we can’t provide you with a direct answer to this question, we can provide you with a direct answer to a closely related question: no matter the cost of the Optilight roof windows, you must know that you’re getting the best deal here at Ak Roof Windows. This is because Optilight windows are one of the great examples of inexpensive windows that don't compromise on quality. The windows are some of the highest quality windows out there.

Are Optilight Roof Windows Worth It?

This is an easy question to answer. If you’re looking for a high-quality roof window that you can rely on in all weathers and housing conditions, the Optilight roof windows are definitely worth it.

What Should I Keep in Mind When Buying Optilight Roof Windows Here?

Optilight has introduced a wide range of roof windows to the market. Recently, the company has also included triple glazed windows to its offer to satisfy our clients’ most sophisticated needs. These windows meet the requirements of the thermal coefficient 1.1 [W/m²K]. We offer triple glazed windows in two framing options, PVC and wooden. Optilight has also put on the market a range of accessories to accompany its quality windows, from small components like rod stick for windows situated in difficult to access locations and blind blocks to automated window opening systems, some being voice-activated.

When you buy Optilight windows you need to remember about choosing the right window flashing, which is an integral part of the window. Our company recommends the TZ flashings, which can be used on almost any roof. For an even more precise finish, you might want to choose TL flashing which for slate or plain tile roofs, and the TH flashing will be most suitable for thicker roof covering.

Will the Optilight Roof Windows Fit Into My Roof?

You should be aware that Optilight windows are suitable for almost all pitch roofs. Majority of roof windows on the market, just like Optilight, require for the roof to be at an at least 15-degree angle, and for the Top Hung windows at 20-degree angle. In case of installation in an existing roof, you need to know that the width of the roof window is connected with the placement of the rafters.

The right choice will enable you to minimize the modifications that will be needed for the roof, for example, if the distance between rafters is at 60 cm, then the window’s width should be at 55 cm. Another important decision is the right flashing, more information on this particular subject can be found on the windows’ description or in the flashing section of our site.

What Are the Glass Measurements of the Optilight Window?

The size of the glass in the window can be estimated by subracting the frame size from the overall window measurements. Optilight windows the width of the frame on the outside and inside is at around 10 cm, for example the size of glass in the 55x78 cm window is at 35 by 58 cm.