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Triple glazed roof windows from Optilight

Energy-saving is not a fad but a real need for investors who want to build a warm and health-friendly home. Optilight triple glazed roof windows are the ideal solution for those seeking comfort for years to come. Previously only a few investors could afford to buy energy-efficient windows. Thanks to Kronmat’s offer, energy-efficient triple-pane roof […]

Replacing roof windows. We advise you how to replace your roof window without problems.

The roof window is an integral part of the roof; it must be tightly connected to it and insulated. Therefore, it is important that the moisture and thermal insulation is properly installed around the frame. Replacing roof windows is a big undertaking. You need to know which roof windows to choose and how to take […]

Is this a rule that good roof windows are expensive? OptiLight brand denies it!

Roof window market in Europe has divided in so-called Economic and Premium segment. FAKRO, VELUX and Roto are long-standing and experienced players whose target clients are the wealthiest people. The offer of these companies includes advanced, well-insulated windows and a wide range of accessories for them. Each of the market leaders also offers basic windows […]

Loft lighting – which roof window should I choose?

Window manufacturers have a wide selection different sizes and shapes – horizontal and vertical windows. The size and type of them usually depends on our preferences, however it is a very important to take into consideration a few important leads which will matter during using. Window type will have a huge impact on the comfort […]